Revolutionizing the Operating Room Through Smart Surgical Tools with Daniel Dudley

June 12, 2020

Daniel is the founder of Indago. Indago is a next generation medical device company on a mission to revolutionize the operating room through smart surgical tools.  Daniel is a strategist and entrepreneur focused on medical devices. Passionate about ideation and challenging the underlying assumptions for why (strategic) decisions get made.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Influence of his family in his entrepreneurship  [6:48]
  • Volunteer work in his early years  [10:43]
  • Where the idea for Indago came from  [12:51]
  • Marketing and getting funding for medical services/devices   [18:17]
  • What’s next for Indago  [21:00]
  • ArthroFree: the world’s first fully wireless minimally invasive camera designed for use in endoscopic surgeries  [23:00]
  • Sourcing components for medical devices  [28:12]
  • How to contact Daniel  [32:27]

Links to sources and tools

  • If you have any questions for Daniel, you may contact him through his email:

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