Five Companies Upgrading the Operating Room

StartUp Health — August 8, 2018

Few places on the planet require more precision than an operating room, where the difference between life and death can be measured in tenths of a millimeter. Lives are on the line, and mistakes — such as infection, supply misplacement, equipment malfunction, staff fatigue, and even OR fires — can be deadly.

About 50 million OR procedures are performed each year in the United States, and despite often rigorous safety procedures, thousands of surgical errors occur.

New technologies show great promise for bringing ORs into the 21st century. Applications of voice-controlled and wireless equipment, A.I., predictive analytics, and 3D modeling in the surgical arena are poised to reinvent OR workflow and minimize human error. Further, an optimized OR creates high surgical turnover, fewer postoperative complications, improved patient outcomes, and greater patient satisfaction.

Keep an eye on these five companies who are offering cutting-edge technologies to shape the future of the operating suite.

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Eugene Malinskiy, Ilya Malinskiy, and Daniel Dudley, founders of Indago, are on a mission to create the OR of the future through smart surgical tools. Their product, ArthroFree, is the world’s first fully wireless minimally-invasive camera that seamlessly integrates into existing OR workflows; it is designed for all surgeons frustrated by unwieldy cables and outdated technology. Indago has two patent applications published in the U.S., EU, Japan, and China, with an additional five scheduled for publication in the next 18 months. Further, they have completed the development of the ArthroFree Platform and audited the entire supply chain in preparation for commercial scale production.

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