A New Standard for Surgical Imaging

ArthroFree™ is a breakthrough medical device in a field primed for transformation. Powered by innovative technologies, ArthroFree is not just a camera system—
it is a platform for the future of surgery.
ArthroFree’s integrated light engine and rechargeable batteries eliminate
the need for video consoles, external light sources, and multiple cables

Redefining State of the Art

  • Provides maximum dexterity and range of motion, untethered from the surgical tower
  • Designed to reduce the risk of cable-caused hospital acquired infections and operating room fires
  • Streamlines sterilization and infection control practices
  • Eliminates consumables (fiber optic cables, light bulbs, etc.) and reduces peripheral maintenance costs

Next Generation Lighting

  • Patented lighting technology significantly outperforms LED, OLED, and Xenon with high efficiency and low power draw
  • Under heavy use, heat production is minimal compared to external light sources while providing comparable lumen output
  • Solid-state design provides rugged durability to keep light engine operating like new after repeated sterilizations
ArthroFree’s patented internal light engine (foreground) versus standard external light source on the market today (background)

To Learn More...

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High Quality, Secure Wireless Video

  • Military-grade wireless protocol approved by the FDA and FCC for interference-free communication
  • Specially optimized for use in surgery to ensure sharp image quality and low latency
  • Hardened security protocols include AES 128 and time-of-flight anti-spoofing measures to keep your data safe

Designed for Surgeons, by Surgeons

  • Designed in partnership with orthopaedic physicians and optimally configured for arthroscopy
  • Lightweight, ergonomic camera head provides greater ease of use and minimizes fatigue
  • Intuitive improvements on best-in-class thinking upgrade the surgical experience without requiring additional training
  • Innovation recognized by patents in the US and internationally.
First successful demonstration of the ArthroFree's proprietary light source
in a surgical environment analogue.

“If I had this in my bag, I would beat my competition over the head with it.”

Senior Sales Representative,
Market-leading Device Manufacturer