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ArthroFree™ is the premier wireless arthroscopic camera system* defining the new standard for minimally invasive surgery.
*ArthroFree™ has not been submitted for FDA clearance.
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Beyond the Status Quo

In the medical device industry, incremental updates often take the place of real innovation. Some technologies, such as those used in arthroscopy, have not seen meaningful change since their inception in the 1970s, despite documented hazards and inefficiencies.

At Indago, we question the status quo. We investigate areas in healthcare where development has stagnated. We collaborate with doctors to solve frontline problems.

Clinically Impactful Innovation

ArthroFree is the world’s first wireless arthroscopic camera system, developed in partnership with orthopaedic physicians. With patented lighting technology, secure wireless data transfer, and sterilizable batteries, ArthroFree eliminates the power and light cables that tether incumbent systems to the surgical tower.

We designed ArthroFree to create a safer, smarter operating room.

"A wireless camera would be a game changer!

"There is nothing on the market or in the near-term development pipeline comparable to the combination of wireless data and high quality video provided by Indago."

Director of Sales, Sports Medicine,
‍Major Independent Distributor

Benefits of the ArthroFree System

Improve Patient & Care Team Safety
  • Designed for optimal cleanability, ArthroFree eliminates the fiber-optic cables that are a documented* infection vector.
  • The integrated light engine was designed with safety in mind. It's run cool design is intended to avoid the patient burns and flash fires that can be caused** by external light sources.
Optimize Productivity & Efficiency
  • With no cables to manage during surgery, ArthroFree provides complete freedom of movement for physicians, a design intended to minimize fatigue and repetitive strain from longer procedures.
  • ArthroFree has fewer components to set up, take down, and sterilize. This may increase operating room turnover, allowing surgeons to care for more patients.
Integrate Seamlessly & Lower Costs
  • Plug-and-play compatible with standard arthroscopes, patient management systems, and monitors. No costly OR retrofit or time-intensive training required.
  • ArthroFree can drive considerable savings, both upfront and over time, as there is no need to buy consumables, external light sources and camera consoles, or extraneous equipment.
* Binnet, Mehmet S., and Kerem Başarir. 2007. “Risk and Outcome of Infection after Different Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Techniques.” Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surgery 23, no. 8 (August): 862–68. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.arthro.2007.02.008.
** Abdulrasheed, Ibrahim, Asukum Eneye, and Abubakarm Lawal. 2013. “Surgical Fires: An Ongoing Intra-operative Challenge.” Archives of International Surgery 3, no. 1 (August): 1–5. https://doi.org/10.4103/2278-9596.117117.

“We've wanted this for decades. It is all my care team talks about.”

Chief of Orthopedic Surgery,
Orthopedic Hospital in Cleveland Clinic Health System
ArthroFree™ has not been submitted for FDA clearance and is therefore not currently approved for commercial sale, commercial distribution, clinical use, or investigational exempt use in the United States.